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You are abroad and want to see your favorite station? Most broadcasters can also be received via the Internet via their website, media library, YouTube or viewed retrospectively. In some cases, broadcasts or entire broadcasters are blocked for licensing reasons using country blocks (geo-blocking).

If you want to circumvent it, this lock can be bypassed with a VPN program. VPN stand for Virtual Private Network and means that you are building a new, encrypted connection to another location over the Internet. VPN is often used for business to integrate employees in the home office or in a branch office in the corporate network.

However, the VPN provider must have a location in Germany to watch the German broadcasters.

Even if most ISPs do not have a real data limit, consider a high transfer volume.

Please note the current legal situation: Legal information on "Bypassing country barriers" can be read via PC Magazine. But one thing is that at you there are no legal implications to suffer even when terms and conditions are violated. Please note that we are not authorized to provide legal advice. The responsibility of use lies with you.



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