2020 - Football in Europe

EURO 2021

The men's European football championship took place in France for the first time in 1960. At that time only 4 national teams (France, Yugoslavia, Soviet Union and Czechoslovakia) competed against each other, in 2021 24 teams will take part in the 16th European Championship for men. The matches will be played in various UEFA countries from June 11 to July 11, 2021. After playing against each other in six groups in the group phase, the European champion 2021 will be determined in the knockout system.

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Watching football

Public Viewing in the Netherlands

Every  year we - Meet the Germans & German Expats - get numerous questions regarding Public Viewings in the Netherlands during the World Cup or European Championship. The question, which we also read very often, is: "Where can I see the World Cup together with other football fans?".

"Public Viewing" a term used in Germany for the live broadcasting of sporting events, a public screening. This expression became known from the year 2006 during World Cup in Germany. The Dutch say "WK kijken". Due to strict guidelines and laws in the Netherlands, it is very difficult to arrange a real public viewing. It is easier to see the World Cup in a restaurant or bar. So do not be surprised.

Meet the Germans organizes "Public Viewings" for many German national team matches in Utrecht, within walking distance of Utrecht Centraal Station. You are not in Utrecht? Then visit our overview and find your public viewing during the World Cup, European Championship or Nations League:

You organize a public viewing?

If you organize a public viewing of World Cup matches (with or without German participation), please register it here for free (currently) and without any obligation.

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