2024 - Football in Germany

European Championship

The matches of the UEFA European Championship 2024 will take place from June 14th to July 14th, 2024. After the last tournaments, which were affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, we are pleased that the matches can be held this time as planned and without pandemic-related delays. Germany is hosting this 17th edition of the tournament, and the 24 participating teams will play a total of 51 matches in 10 cities.

We will publish all results online promptly so you don't miss anything. Public Viewing will once again play a significant role in Germany, as well as in the Netherlands and other countries, and we will keep you informed about where you can follow the matches in a lively atmosphere.

A small note beforehand: Public Viewing is a term used in German-speaking countries for the public live broadcast of sports events. This term became known in 2006 during the FIFA World Cup in Germany. In the Netherlands, people often say "WK kijken" or "voetbal kijken" (watching the World Cup or watching football). Unfortunately, obtaining a genuine Public Viewing permit in the Netherlands is very difficult due to strict guidelines and laws. It is easier to watch the matches of the European Championship in a café. However, there are also numerous regulations to be observed here.

The 24 men's teams will first participate in the group stage in six groups. The top 16 teams will then compete against each other in the knockout system, culminating in the final round.

From the group stage to the knockout stage

Groups A through F each consist of 4 national teams. After the group stage, the knockout stage follows. The top two teams from the six preliminary groups and the best 4 third-placed teams qualify for this knockout phase.

For the ranking of the third-placed teams, the following criteria apply:

  • Number of points from all group matches
  • Goal difference from all group matches
  • Number of goals scored in all group matches
  • Number of victories
  • Lower number of fair play points
  • Ranking in the European Championship qualification

We wish you exciting matches and a lot of fun following the UEFA European Championship 2024!

Final Round, Groups A through F, and Qualification in Detail